Omakase at arami

Arami, West Town’s popular Japanese dining destination, is excited to announce an update to its Omakase offerings. With the goal of being adaptable to any diner, Arami will now offer two options of “Chef’s Choice” experiences. From sushi and sashimi connoisseurs feeling spontaneous, to seasoned patrons seeking a personalized spread, or even those looking to have their taste of the whole menu, Arami has Omakase for everyone.

The first Omakase offering is a nine-course meal for walk-in diners, made up of hand-picked selections by Executive Chef Joseph Fontelera. This comprehensive experience acts as chef-guided tour of Arami, dishing out fan favorites along with a few added surprises and off menu dishes. It provides a well-rounded taste of Arami’s offerings that is ideal for day-of guests looking to make the most of last-minute plans.

Also available to walk-in patrons is an Omakase experience showcasing the restaurant’s top sashimi and sushi selections. Chef Fontelera guides diners through Arami’s colorful cuisine that has wowed West Town for nearly eight years, sprinkling in a few off-menu selections of his own. This narrative of fresh and flavorful ingredients takes place over nine courses.

With these offerings, Arami’s culinary team is able to present one-off selections for omakase diners. Chefs venture out to gather only the best ingredients, evident as diners revel in this incomparable experience and leave Arami after an evening that makes a lasting impression.

To complement the Omakase experience, guests can also choose to incorporate pairings from Arami’s popular sake program, as well as wine or beer to round out the meal.

Arami’s Omakase experiences are available until 8 PM, with prices beginning at $110 per person and an additional $55 per person cost for beverage pairings. Reservations are available at